CIVILMEDIA15: University of Brussels supports Civilmedia

Dear Friends & Partners of Civilmedia,

After announcing our necessary policy change concerning registration fees yesterday, we got a fast reaction from Nico Carpentier (Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Free University of Brussels).

I´m thankfully happy to announce today: „University of Brussels – Cyprus Community Media Research Programme“ is sponsoring Civilmedia instead of VFROE.
So we can roll back any registration fees, Civilmedia will happen financially free same as in the years before!

Holy shit, it´s great to have such great supporters, thanks to Nico, you made our day!
And thanks to some of you as well, who accepted contributions to the conference: This is a strong commitment for the goals of Community Media and especially for this event.

So again: CU you all in Salzburg in May
Alf Altendorf, in the name of the Civilmedia Team