Policy change: Registration Fee for participating Organizations

Dear Friends & Partners of Civilmedia,

Unluckily we had to change our policy for the Civilmedia registration. The (Un)Conference is not free anymore, we have to charge €200,- per participating organization.

Let us explain the reasons for our decision:

the event has expenditures of ~€ 8.000,- (tech, catering, rents for main venue etc.). This is cheap, and is only possible through not calculating most of the working hours of the organizers Radiofabrik /FS1 & the support of the University of Salzburg (free second venues). And – most important – for not paying YOU for YOUR work as a presenter, jury member and so on.

our fund raising brought in € 4.500,- so far from financial partners (RTR, Politische Bildung),  including other supports we raised ~€5.000,-. VFRÖ quitted this year cause of financial troubles, the country of Salzburg has not decided yet (and positive decisions are uncertain cause of financial problems as well btw.), so what to do?

– We tried to be creative. Charges, Ok, but…
1) we like to offer as much support as possible to reduce costs for participation (Example: Our Couchsurfing offer).
We think, that charging single, personal participants would be the wrong way to go. So we thought: a better way is to charge your organizations, who profit most in know-how, exchange, networking.

2) Compared to similar events, our fee is fair. Most conferences we know (and also visit) charge much more per participant. We only charge once per organization, the number of participants you send in is up to you.

Thanks for your understanding, see ya guys in Salzburg in May!
Alf Altendorf, in the name of the Civilmedia Team