About Civilmedia 2007 (english)

CivilMedia 2007
UnConference: Participation 2.0

Community Media, Web 2.0 and Political Participation

Target participants: Media activists, scholars, educators, politicians, and the interested public
Venue: Salzburg
Date: Nov 2007


In bringing together international and national alternative media practitioners, researchers, policy makers, activists, and community development workers, the UnConference: Participation 2.0 will consider and review the role of participatory media in Europe and its challenges in the future.
What meaning, impact and challenges do arise by this participatory media production in respect to political participation and active European citizenship? Which models for future action can we develop? These will be the main issues addressed in the Participation 2.0 – Open Conference.

An UnConference has a participatory design of all activities (preparation, conference, and dissemination), expressing and reinforcing the general idea of participation. The open conference itself is in all phases a space of participatory experimentation, thus blending the form and content of the issue at stake.
This conference represents the second event of the ‘Civilmedia’ series on civil society and its media, organised by Radiofabrik, Salzburg

Main questions:
– How can participatory media, Web 2.0 and user-generated content contribute to political participation and active (European) citizenship?
– How can the involvement of citizens and civil society organisations further stimulate the process of European integration and the idea of European active citizenship?
– What is the specific impact and influence of independent and participatory media production on underrepresented individuals and groups (minorities, migrants, disabled people, etc.) and their social and political involvement and participation as citizens?
– Are the economic models of Web 2.0 in contradiction with societal aspects?
– Media competence, Internet competence and participatory competence – which new competences are required?

Your participation:
The conference provides an open space for media activists, scholars, politicians, and the interested public. Everybody is encouraged to participate actively. Various forms of presentations, workshops, discussions etc. will allow a large vision on the field of participatory media and also permit that each contributor finds his or her specific place in the programme.
If you want want to take part at the UnConference on Participation 2.0, please register at the wiki space at ‘’ and propose your workshop or presentation on-line.
The actual agenda will be prepared collaboratively at the beginning of the conference. Having a regular look at the wiki will give you an overview of what is going to happen.
Proposals should be submittet untill Nov. 1 at the latest, but we strongly encourage participants to register as early as possible and propose your contribution at the wiki space.
There is no conference fee. If you need support for travel costs, please refer to the organisers.

Englisch & partly German

Radiofabrik – Verein Freier Rundfunk Salzburg

Co-operation partners:
JFF – Institut für Medienpädagogik in Forschung und Praxis, Germany
Civil Rádiózásért Alapítvány, Hungary
VFRÖ – Verband Freier Radios Österreich

Financial Support:

European Union, Programme Europe for Citizens

Eva Schmidhuber,
David Röthler,