Presentation Detail Publics, Participants & Policy

Presenter: Henry Loeser, Masaryk University, CR

Examining Community Broadcasting in Austria and the Czech Republic

Participation is what will save the planet.” -Pete Seeger

Community radio and television broadcasting in Austria is recognized, legalized and supported by law.   Thousands of Austrian citizens devote their time and energy as volunteer participants in 14 radio and 3 television community broadcasting organizations that are regulated and funded by government in a cooperative and collaborative environment.

Community media theorists suggest that the makeup of community media organizations are a direct reflection of the communities and societies in which they operate, and that those societal contexts are exhibited in the motivations of the participants. Examining this population of Austrian community broadcasting participants and the organizations they comprise, several important research questions arise: 

-What support is indicated for a new theoretical matrix of participatory functions in describing the community broadcasting phenomenon?

 -How can the results inform the alignment of community broadcasting policy in Austria with the participants and publics it governs?

 -How can the narratives of community broadcasting in Austria and the Czech Republic inform and influence the development of community broadcasting in the Czech Republic?

Why do citizens participate in Austrian community broadcasting? In a mixed-method research design, this project asks questions, explores theories, examines phenomena, builds models, generates data, processes results, answers questions, develops conclusions, suggests applications, and assesses impacts.

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