Presentation Detail: Cyprus Community Media and conflict transformation

This panel will report on the first results of a Belgian-Cypriot research programme on Cypriot community media and conflict transformation This divided island, with its northern part occupied by the Turkish army, has seen a number of community media initiatives established in the 21st century  some of which have the explicit objective to contribute to reconciliation, peace-building and conflict transformation.

1/ Conflict-transformation strategies in community media organisations (Nico Carpentier and Vaia Doudaki)

2/ The methodology of mapping community media organisations (Christiana Voniati, Vaia Doudaki & Nico Carpentier)

3/ What do you mean by “community”? Tracing the relationship between community and community media in a conflict ridden island (Nikolas Defteras)

4/ Articulating participation and agonism: A case study on the agonistic re-articulations of the Cyprus problem in the broadcasts of the community broadcaster MYCYradio (Nico Carpentier)