The „UnConference: Participation 2.0″ is the second event going to take place in Salzburg from Nov. 15-17 as part of the “Civilmedia” series. In bringing together international and national alternative media practitioners, researchers, policy makers, activists, and community development workers, the UnConference: Participation 2.0 will consider and review the role of participatory media (Community Radio- and TV-Stations, Web 2.0…) in Europe and their relation to active citizenship and democracy.

There are already more than 60 participants and 20 contributions from 10 countries registered at The participants come from many different fields: universities, blogosphere, politics, community radios, public broadcasts, youth and many more.

Some examples of contributions from the registration site:

Active Citizenship via the Web:’s Approach
Young Women and the Media: Do-It-Yourself Strategies as Self-Empowerment
Theoretical Reflections and Models of Participatory Media Organisations
Regional Blogging Communities
Young People, Media Competence and Participation


If possible, propose your contribution until Nov. 1 at

At the moment we are coordinating a panel for thursday (Nov. 15th) evening „From media participation to active citizenship“ with politcians, media acitivists and scientists…